A Pictorial Report of the visit to the Historic Houses of Setmurthy and Isel on 8th June, 2011. Organised by John Macfarlane

The L&DFLHS visitors.

A group of Society members made this visit to three houses on 8th June. A full report on the visit by Sandra Shaw is included in Journal 48, August 2011. These photographs supplement that report. Our grateful thanks are due to Mark Astley and Nick Trustram-Eve for their organisation and fascinating insight into Dunthwaite, to Alistair Starling and Penny Webb of the NT for their support of the society and permission to visit; to Alex Alexandre and his team at Higham Hall; John Hudson for his detailed talk; Miss Mary Burkett and her team of expert guides for welcoming us to Isel Hall for this specially arranged visit.
Photographs by John Macfarlane. 

Dunthwaite House

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The (north facing) front of Dunthwaite house in spring. Barn seen to the right.

A fireplace at Dunthwaite House.

Example of a fireplace at Dunthwaite house.

Mark Astley with a wooden chest.

NT ranger Mark Astley demonstrating the old wooden chest in a Dunthwaite house attic

Apotropaic symbols to ward off evil.
Close up of the apotropaic symbols on the wooden chest at Dunthwaite house. They keep evil away.
A view of the barn at Dunthwaite House.

The barn at Dunthwaite House

The waterwheel at Dunthwaite House.

The huge water wheel driving the threshing machine cog at Dunthwaite House

Higham Hall

Contrasting architecture at Higham Hall.

The contrasting architecture of Higham hall from the putting green

Chairman John Hudson at Higham Hall.

John Hudson lecturing in one of the grand rooms of Higham hall

Isel Hall

A view of Isel Hall and its Pele Tower.

The pele tower and house front, with the Lawson arms in foreground. Isel hall

The Lawson Arms at Isel Hall.

The Lawson arms at Isel Hall

Visitors gather at Isel Hall at the end of the outing.
LDFLHS visitors collecting outside the front of Isel hall at the end of the outing. A repeat visit to some of these sites may be organised this year, for those who could not attend this interesting outing. Anyone interested in this should send their names and contact details [preferably email address] to John – jtmacfarlane@gmail.com  or tel. 01900 85289.