Society Publications

The Society has a number of publications which are either sent to members as part of the benefits of membership or available for sale, subject to stock, or to order.

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The Greenwood maps online

The Society provides the Greenwood county maps of Cumberland and Westmorland on this site to examine and download at the original scale. These maps were surveyed in 1821-3 at one inch to the mile. This edition is the second, from 1844, with the railways overlaid. Click the image to go to the Greenwood page.

The Journal

The Journal, formerly the Newsletter, is published twice a year, in February and August, and is posted to all members. It contains articles related to the history of our area, or of general interest, mostly written by members of the Society and edited by Derek Denman.

Back issues are available on this site as PDFs. Click the image to the right for access to archived copies.

The front of the latest journal.

An image of the Wanderer newsletter.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer is also published twice a year, in May and October, and is posted to all members. It contains news and information about the Society and membership, activities and relevant local history issues. It is edited by Sandra Shaw. The latest issue is available on this site as a PDF (click the image).

A Cumberland Valley A History of the Parish of Lorton

by Ron George

A Cumberland Valley is a history by the late founder of the society, published in 2003, and covering the parochial chapelry of Lorton. This included Brackenthwaite, Buttermere and Wythop. From the earliest time to the twentieth century. Available from The New Bookshop in Cockermouth and from the Society at £12.95 plus £1 p&p. Click the image to see the front matter of the book.

240 pages 232x156mm

An extract from 'A Cumberland Valley: a History of the Parish of Lorton', by Ron George

'Life in Old Loweswater', by Roz Southey

Life in Old Loweswater

by Roz Southey

edited by Derek Denman

Life in Old Loweswater is a series of historical sketches originally published by Roz in the 1970s and 1980s but now published in book form with additional material and illustrations. Published by the Society in 2008 and available from bookshops and from the Society at £8.95 plus £1 p&p within the UK. Click the image to see the front matter of the book.

144 pages 232x156mm

Wordsworth and the famous Lorton yew tree

edited by Michael baron and Derek Denman

This book was published by the Society in 2004 to commemorate the visit to the tree by William and Dorothy Wordsworth in 1804, in connection with the poem 'Yew-trees'. The long history of the ancient tree is traced and supported by many noteworthy contributors. Now out of print but we are collecting requests for a reprint or second edition. So please email us to let us know. Click the image to see the front matter of the book.

80 pages 16 colour 216x138mm

An extract from 'Wordsworth and the famous Lorton yew tree'

An image indicating a link to the Township Maps page.

The Township Maps

The Township Maps were created by society members for our tenth anniversary exhibition in 2003. They are available as display maps of six local townships around 1840, showing all farms and fields, other properties, ownerships and all those resident in 1841. We are now (September 2011) taking orders for delivery in December. Click the image, of Buttermere Township, for further information.

Historical walks

The Society organises occasional walks within its area, with a historical theme. This walk in Loweswater from 2010 can be downloaded and followed, but keep to footpaths and be properly prepared. The Society cannot be responsible for your safety.

Please click on the link to download the pdf walks. Note that all A4 except the Lorton maps which are A3

Loweswater walk (with map)

Low Lorton Walk Low Lorton Map

High Lorton Walk High Lorton Map