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Talks given on our Area

Occasionally society members give talks on aspects of our local history. In 2011 a talk was given on Lorton 200 years ago, which recalled the lecture by John Bolton given in 1891 about Lorton and Loweswater in 1811. This talk considered the development of Lorton and illustrated John Bolton's survey of people and buildings. The slides can be seen here, and the text here. John Bolton's lecture can be found on our Sources page, or read here.

In 2007 and 2008 the Society engaged with the National Trust to make a survey of the Trust estate in Buttermere, Crummock and Loweswater. The survey and its results were presented to the Society in June 2008. The slide presentation can be found here.

In 2015 a talk was given on the History of Embleton from the earliest time to the nineteenth century. The slides can be seen here and the text here.

Scott's Garage in High Lorton

High Lorton had a garage and filling station throughout much of the 20th Century. A project to examine the life cycle of this business, the people who owned and ran it, the premises it used and the services it provided was run in 2009. This resulted in an exhibit at the Cumbria Local History Federation Convention on 26th September, and at the Yew Tree Hall for some weeks afterwards.

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Loweswater Mill

The site of the Lord's corn mill at Loweswater has long been a mystery, because it ceased to work in the late eighteenth century and appears on no maps. More recently a copy of an old plan of the Mill Hill estate has been found which has allowed the history of the mill and the Mill Hill estate to be established. See the Loweswater Mill page for further information.

The Paddle School Roll of Honour

The Paddle School Roll of Honour records the names of the men of Eaglesfield, Blindbothel and Mosser parishes who served in the First World War, both those who lost their lives, and those who returned. There have been three articles in our Journal, plus further information compiled by Sandra Shaw on the 36 men who returned on our Paddle School Roll of Honour page. The whole series of documents can be downloaded as a pdf here.